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Specialists:   Selective Plating

26260 Eden Landing Road , Hayward, California  94545
Phone: (510) 781-5588     Fax: (510) 781-5589
Email: tmartin@platron.com

Platron was established in 1985 by the principal founders Bruce Garratt and Tim Martin. Both founders have over 23 years of experience in the Selective Plating industry, working for the major manufacturers of Selective Plating chemicals and equipment as technicians, training operators and troubleshooting the process all over the U.S.

Our staff is comprised of highly trained and qualified personnel. Our lead platers have over 10 years of experience in Selective Plating and all of our operators are fully trained to meet Mil. Std. 865C.

Platron has used this extensive experience to develop new processes and tooling techniques to improve the consistency and reliability of Selective Plating. Many of our medium to high volume parts are semi automated to help reduce processing costs. Platron has developed techniques to bond consistency to metals that are considered problematical, such as titanium, aluminum and bi-metal situations such as aluminum/nickel.

Our new 5,000 square foot facility in Hayward, California houses our state of the art tooling and processing equipment. The facility has the latest in chemical treatment and HVAC systems to provide a safe working environment for our employees and fully meet city, state and federal regulations for protecting the environment. Our Brisbane facility is used for R&D and tooling development while also giving us an immediate site to handle any sudden requirement for an increase in capacity.